Friday, May 19, 2006

The Da Vinci Tempest

The film The Da Vinci Code has created quite a stir around the world. In Manila, Philippines, where majority of the population are Roman Catholic, the reactions to the movie are varied. Radio Free Harvard Cubao talks about the film and the tempest in the tea cup.

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I made the mistake of naming Archbishop Angel Lagdameo as the cleric who requested that the film be banned it was actually Bishop Ramon Arguelles. Sorry for the mistake.

Post Script:

The Da Vinci Code was banned in the city of Manila, after the recording of the podcast. But Filipinos and especially the citizens of Metro Manila were able to line up and watch the film in the theatres in the nearby cities and towns of Metro Manila.

Thanks to:

To Global Voices On-Line for including excerpts of this podcast in their initial podcast Global Voices Show # 1. Here is a link to Global Voices Show and Global Voices Online Podcast Archive.

John Nery of Newstand for the mention and much needed correction.

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